In the ‘Sales Entry’ screen, select the item to apply discount. You can apply an exact amount discount or discount by percentage. Then click ‘Show Total’ to show the total amount payable on LCD display.

Don’t worry, your data are stored real time to the cloud.

If the customer request for a voucher sale, click other payment and then select ‘Voucher’. If needed, you may enter ‘Ref Number’ and ‘Remarks’.

You can set manually your order level at the ‘Inventory’ in navigation bar.

If the customer request for debt sale, click other payment and then select ‘Debt’. A debt sale is only allowed for customers who register with the store and the debt amount must be in full.

By click ‘Admin’ at top navigation bar, you have to click at ‘create customer’ in ‘customer management’.

By click ‘Create’ at ‘Inventory’ screen in navigation bar, you can now create unlimited item to the inventory.


You can use ‘Hold’ key to hold the current sales transaction and continue to serve the next customer in the queue. When the customer who are on hold return, you can click ‘Hold/Order List’ key to retrieve the transaction.


You can monitor your report through website from any gadgets.

MobiPay POS’s program has auto update features that automatically check for software updates and download it to the POS terminal. It will install automatically the next time MobiPay POS starts up. The ‘Auto Update’ status is shown at the top right side corner of the screen.

You are required to have a correct ‘Staff ID’ and ‘Password’ to login to MobiPay POS. The ‘Staff ID’ and ‘Password’ will be given by Mobipay staff to the manager.

By click at the ‘System Setting’ at ‘Admin’ in navigation bar, you can enable service charge and set the correct service charge rate.


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